Mr. Goodbar Food Menu

 We are always updating our food. Please see our social media for the latest specials.


Mozzarella Sticks $6.00

Deep Fried Pickles $4.00

Onion Rings $5.00

Mini Corn Dogs $4.00

Ru’s Featured Pierogi $8.00 (Ask for details)

Jalapeno Poppers $6.00

Logs (Pizza, Breakfast, Apple Pie) $6.00

     *Try them tossed in any of our wing sauces:

Hot/Medium/Mild: No Charge, Specialty Sauce: $1.50

Mac N Cheese Bites $5

Deep Fried Pepperoni $1.00

Loaded Nachos, Tachos, or Fries $6.00

Your choice of tortilla chips, tater tots, or steak cut fries smothered with cheese, sour cream, salsa and topped with jalapenos (Try with Che Garcia Chimichurri)

Chicken Fingers $7.00

Tossed in any specialty sauce for $1.50 more

Steak Cut Fries $1.00 Single / $2.00 Double

Tater Tots $1.00 Single / $2.00 Double

Add Cheese to Anything $1.50

Celery, Carrots, Crackers & Pepperoni $1.50

w/ Blue Cheese or Ranch

Hummus w/ Celery, Carrots, & Crackers $3

Sports City Pizza by the Slice

Cheese, Cheese & Pepperoni $3 / Specialty Pizza $4

*Tax not included in prices above*


Chicken Wings

$10.00 (10)                                  $26.00 (30)

$18.00 (20)                                  $38.00 (50)

*Hot, Medium, Mild or BBQ

Specialty Wings

$11.50 (10)                                  $28.50 (30)

$20.50 (20)                                  $39.50 (50)

Cajun Stout BBQ                       Garlic Srirachia

Blazing BBQ                                Chili Lime

Honey BBQ                                 Teriyaki

Creole                                           Italian

Sweet Chili                                  Honey Creole

Horsey Honey Mustard           Salt & Vinegar

Country Sweet                           Chimichurri

* 1 Sauce for single orders (10), 2 Sauces for (20) or more.

* $2.50 for each additional sauce

* Slice of Pizza and 5 Wing Combo –

Cheese or Cheese & Pep $8 / Specialty Pizza $9

(Add $0.75 for Specialty Sauces)


*Tax not included in prices above*


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*Tax not included in prices above*

As always, we appreciate your patronage, and hope to see you again soon for “Good Times, With Good Friends, At Goodbar”!