Mr. Goodbar New & Opening Bands

June 2021

Thank you for your interest in playing at Mr. Goodbar! Please take a few minutes to read through.

Mr. Goodbar is a 21 & up bar.  All bands, all members, all fans must be at least 21 & up, no exceptions.  EVERYONE WILL BE ID’d   – including ALL band members – headlining and openers. Tell everyone to bring valid photo ID.

Please let your friends, family, & opening bands know this – band members that don’t have valid, current ID will not be let in the bar, no exceptions….thanks! Please let all bands/ fans know. me know if there are any questions regarding this. Because of the problems it causes with staff and all of those involved, if there is any issue with ID with any band member, the entire show runs the risk of being cancelled.

New for Summer/Fall 2021

  1. We are now offering online purchases for tickets through Eventbrite. We’ve sold out all but 1 show since we started back selling tickets online! It’s been very successful and we are excited about it. We will send all online ticket info if/when you start playing at Mr. Goodbar.
  2. 103.3 FM partnership – radio ads mentioning your band names week of your shows.
  3. First two drinks free for each band member!   Small token of big thanks for playing at Goodbar

New & Opening Band Information

Thank you for your interest in playing at Mr. Goodbar! We’re very excited about our band scene we’ve developed over the years. The last year and 1/2 was a setback, but we are back to having shows and most all have sold out so we feel ready to make it better than ever!

My name is Kevin McCarthy. I’m the owner of Talented Event Professionals and been booking the bands for over 22 years at Goodbar!   I played there myself weekly, twice a week for 11 years as a solo act, so Goodbar is very special to me and I am very familiar with the rooms. My first band was in 1985 and I have been playing in the scene since then both in bands and solo so I understand what it’s like being in a band and performing live. I’ve been using my experiences to help you and Goodbar have great shows. We do things differently most places but it’swork well for us over the years.

*** Please take a few minutes to review this info then e-mail me and let me know it has been read and that you are ready to play at Goodbar… Thanks! 

Please contact me through e-mail  ***

Main info..

  1. Our headliners choose openers – then Goodbar wants me to OK them.
  2. Our opening bands are important and we consider all as potential headliners – We have a great crop of headlining & opening bands in our rotation, but we are always looking for new bands and sometimes have openings. We take our opening bands very serious as most as almost all of our headlining bands currently started out at Goodbar as opening bands. We book far in advance and this has grown into one of WNY’s top venues. Goodbar is a great way for bands to grow your following, make good $, and become a part of a thriving live music scene.
  3. If you are interested in being a headliner – You can check our schedule and contact our headlining bands directly through FB and ask if they need an opener for their show.  Opening for headlining bands is great opportunity to show Goodbar and us what you and your band can do. Almost all of our current headlining bands started out as openers at Goodbar! It is a great way to work your way into our rotation of bands!
  4. The three main factors are sound and draw and good people… how good you sound and how many people you bring and are you and band members good people. We don’t have the time or patience for bad attitudes.
  5.  Once you get on a bill, please contact the headlining band first with questions about your show ——if they don’t know, then please e-mail me (Kevin McCarthy) anytime if you have questions and / or would like to be considered for a headlining night at Goodbar –


Kevin McCarthy

What we ask of our opening bands at Mr. Goodbar

  1. The headlining band for your show will need your instrument list for our sound guy asapplease e-mail it to them – due at least one month before show.  Here’s an example of instrument list – ( drums, bass, 2 guitar amps, DI for one electric acoustic, DI for keyboardist,  3 vocal mics including 1vocal mic for drummer and 2 front vocal mics)
  2. Pre-sale Tickets – All opening bands must offer & sell pre-sale tickets.  Bands keep 100% of ticket sales.  Our shows are door only, draw dependent deals.  Your headlining band will explain how they are doing tickets for the show.
  3. Event & Promotion – We ask all opening band to promote their show through FB and how ever else they promote to their fan base.
  4. 30 Days In Between Shows  – Bands can’t play at Goodbar less than 30 days between shows either before or after – as a headliner or opener – for a number of reasons.  So, in other words, you must have at least 30 days or more in between shows.
  5. Headlining band decides pay, gives you your specific show time slot, gives you pre-sale ticket online info & template, etc if you have questions please contact them first.
  6. Opening bands – treat your show like you are headlining – Promote it the best you can ahead of time!  Be prepared, be on time, be professional, and put on a great show. 21 & up and have ID… all band members / fans must 21 & up, no exceptions…yes, no exceptions. Sell Pre-sale Tickets – ask your headlining band for online ticket info… nothing helps an opening band out more that pre-sale tickets.
  7. Times: This is important – please make sure you read carefully the time slot for your night. Please don’t be late.

Make sure your headliner tells you if this is upstairs or downstairs because the times are different!

Friday Night – DOWNSTAIRS Shows

8pm – 9pm  – Load in between sound check

9pm – 10pm only 15 minutes (not any earlier for sound check than 9pm and not longer than 15 minutes)

10pm – 2:30amShow time – headliner gets paid at the end of the night.


“The Attic” Band Shows – Upstairs Shows – Concert Hall

 Each upstairs show will now be –  1 Hour of door and at least 3 hours of show once the show starts.    (the 1 hour door time is not included in the 3 hours).

 7pm – Load in between sound check ** all equipment loaded in for all bands and sound checking to be done by 8pm

8pm – Doors Open

9pm – Show Start

12am2am – Ending of show depends on show start…. 


Show Details – Night of

  1. ALL BAND MEMBERS BRING VALID ID!!   Please remind them all – there are NO exceptions.
  2. Sound CheckAll equipment and band members must be at sound check, if there is an issue please let me know ahead of time.
  3. Stagethe stage downstairs for Fridays is small, the stage upstairs for For Fridays Saturdays and concerts is big 30ft by 11ft… please only bring minimum amount of equipment as space limited especially on Fridays.
  4. Share – We strongly encourage bands to try and share as much equipment, amps, basic drum kit whenever possible. We understand there are certain things you can’t share, but please try to be flexible and work this out with headlining band.
  5. Volume – reasonable volume – we have a built in crowd that comes every week to hear different bands, we don’t want to drive people away, we understand there is a loudness to live music, but bands that are overly too loud will be ask to leave…if you are wondering if you are too loud, ask sound guy / staff for feedback.
  6. RiskYou are playing at Mr. Goodbar at your own risk & are responsible for your gear. Mr. Goodbar reserves the right to cancel any band at any time for any reason.
  7. CablesPlease remember your own instrument cables.
  8. Draw well and put on a great show!


Who we are

1. Mr. Goodbar   1110 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14222
2. Website –
3. ManagersSam and Cait – Either will be your contact for the night (or assistant manager if they aren’t there).
4. Kevin McCarthy – I book the bands   (716) 472-7700
5. Bar Phone – (716) 882-4000  call bar only call if urgent.  – PLEASE e-mail Kevin McCarthy –  NO CALLS to bar please – call me for booking issue (716) 472-7700.
6. Talk to a Manager Night Of the Show – If there is an issue the night of your show – ask one of the bartenders to speak to the manager.
7. Doorman – is provided! When you get there, to load in, ask manager to direct you to the stage. The headlining band should tell the manager & door guy the name of the bands that are playing.
8. Pre-sale Tickets – All bands are required to offer pre-sale tickets. There are no minimums and you keep 100% of the pre-sale ticket money, however, we are not responsible if your show is cancelled.
9. Sound & Sound Guy – Upstairs – $50 charge for upstairs,  for headliners only – if your show hits 40 people through the door that fee is waiver and you get sound and sound guy at no charge.  Opening bands do not have to pay for sound.
10. Power  –  Plenty of power with the PA, there will be multiple outlets on stage.
11. Lights are very basic but enough for show. You are able to bring additional lighting if you want. LED lights only… we do not allow fire or smoke of any kind. Downstairs stage is small. Please pack light.
12. Load In – Load in through the front of the bar to the right facing the bar from the street.
13. Volume – THIS IS IMPORTANT! Please keep it a reasonable volume – we have a built in crowd that comes every week to hear different bands, we don’t want to drive people away, we understand there is a loudness to live music, but bands that are overly too loud will be ask to leave…if you are wondering if you are too loud, ask sound guy for feedback.
14. Free drinks or specials for bands – We just changed back to giving every band member 2 free drinks for the night.  Please don’t abuse this and keep it to bands members only.
15. Music – please ask sound man to turn on/off radio music before and when you are finished with your sets…
16. Liability –  You are playing at Mr. Goodbar at your own risk & are responsible for your gear. Mr. Goodbar is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damages equipment.
17. Cancel – Mr. Goodbar reserves the right to cancel any band at any time for ANY REASON. Please stay professional and make sure all band members know this. If there is a problem on your end, please address it with the bar manger.
18. Confirmed Shows – Your next show is locked in – any shows booked after your next show can be cancelled if there is a good reason. 99% of our bands are great and we rarely have issues. We will let you know asap if there is an issue. The main reasons bands are taken out of the lineup because they don’t draw, don’t promote, aren’t good people, or don’t sound good. So please make every show count!!
20. BANDS ONLY! – Goodbar wants bands not acoustic acts as openers. If there is a question about this, please let me know.
21. Booking Far In Advance   – Booking in far in advance is usually great for all involved, but that said, I understand when things come up… please let me know asap if you have to cancel a date… and please do all you can not to cancel short notice….more than a few months notice is ideal, please not less than a month unless emergency.

What We Are Looking For

We are looking for good sounding bands who are willing to work hard to promote and to build their following…we are looking for bands that fit Mr. Goodbar … rock, alternative, pop, or jam bands (original/cover) that play a good mix of tunes, we recommend at least 1 or 2 covers if possible in each set – most bands do at least a couple of covers …looking for bands to play upbeat stuff – nothing too hard or too loud – no hardcore, heavy punk, heavy rap, ….Opening bands will be considered for headlining in the future.