Mr. Goodbar Sound Schedule

As of Friday, March 13, 2020

Friday 3/13/20 TJ Velvet Nitro
Fri – Upstairs 3/13/20 Charles Mom Said No
Sat – Downstairs 3/14/20 Marc Invisible Touch
Friday 3/20/20 TJ Sentinel 6
Fri – Upstairs 3/20/20 Steve Amateur Hockey Club
Sat – Upstairs 3/21/20 NN No Show
Friday 3/27/20 TJ Reggie Childs
Sat – Upstairs 3/28/20 Charles Off the Wall
Friday 4/3/20 TJ Tortoise Forest
Fri – Upstairs 4/3/20 TJ Guys Being Dudes
Sat – Upstairs 4/4/20 Steve P3P3
Friday 4/10/20 TJ Animal Sounds
Fri – Upstairs 4/10/20 Charles Hubcap
Sat – Upstairs 4/11/20 Steve Scarlett’s Gone Sonic
Friday 4/17/20 TJ Lithium
Fri – Upstairs 4/17/20 TJ Strange Standard
Sat – Upstairs 4/18/20 Charles Big Horned Sheep
Friday 4/24/20 TJ Grub
Sat – Upstairs 4/25/20 Marc UB Law
Friday 5/1/20 TJ The Spinwires
Fri – Upstairs 5/1/20 TJ Sentinel 6
Sat – Upstairs 5/2/20 Steve Market Research
Friday 5/8/20 TJ Roy G Biv
Fri – Upstairs 5/8/20 Steve Elemantra
Sat – Upstairs 5/9/20 Steve Sons of Luther
Friday 5/15/20 TJ Mayday
Fri – Upstairs 5/15/20 TJ Good Dude
Sat – Upstairs 5/16/20 Steve Whelp
Friday 5/22/20 TJ Off The Wall
Fri – Upstairs 5/22/20 TJ Coral Collapse
Sat – Upstairs 5/23/20 NN NO SHOW
Friday 5/29/20 TJ Slow Animals
Sat – Upstairs 5/30/20 Charles Lost Like Lions
Friday 6/5/20 TJ Grub
Fri – Upstairs 6/5/20 TJ TBA
Sat – Upstairs 6/6/20 Steve Guys Being Dudes
Friday 6/12/20 TJ Grosh
Fri – Upstairs 6/12/20 TJ Velvet Nitro
Sat – Upstairs 6/13/20 Marc Ashes
Friday 6/19/20 TJ Bear the Bronze
Fri – Upstairs 6/19/20 TJ Tooth & Capo II
Sat – Upstairs 6/20/20 Steve Ancient Spaceship
Friday 6/26/20 TJ Slow Animals
Sat – Upstairs 6/27/20 Marc Smitten for Trash

3/13/20 –  Per Bobby – if a band brings their own sound guy, that is OK with Goodbar, our sound guys help them set up but we let them run the board, our sound guys over see and answer any questions they have.

Below is the same info from previous updates… just putting this here as a reminder….Thanks!



Both Friday and Saturday Upstairs Shows will now have the same time frame. Both Friday and Saturday Upstairs Shows will have the same length of time for shows.

Each show will now be –  1 Hour of door and at least 3 hours of show once the show starts.    (the 1 hour door time is not included in the 3 hours). Most shows go 4 hours from time band starts.   

Friday & Saturday – Upstairs in the Attic – Timeline


7pm – Load In & Sound Check – all equipment loaded in for all bands and sound checking to be done by 8pm

8pm – Doors Open

9pm – Show Start

12am2am – Ending of show depends on show start…. 

  1. If the night goes as plannedwith a 9pm start, the show will need to go 3 hours – at least until midnight in order to be paid.
  2. If things are running a little late – with a show start of 9:30pm, for example, then the show will end not earlier than 12:30am.   We understand that shows may start a little late occasionally, whatever time it ends up starting, add 3 hours to the time frame of the show.   So a show start at 9:20pm? then show must go to at least 12:20am, etc. again, show must go at least 3 hours to get paid.
  3. Number of Bands for a Show – All bands must have openers. Most of our bands shows are 3 bands, so that should be no problem covering the time. We are still OK with 2 band show nights for our bands that draw (and a couple have 1), however, you will have to plan your sets and set breaks accordingly to fill at least 3 hours of time… shows must go 3 hours in order to get paid.
  4. So shows can be longer than 3 hours? – Definitely! – Most band shows go at least 4 hours from the start of first bands. It will benefit bands and all involved to go longer than 3 hours for show… we ask for a minimum of 3 hours, however, the longer shows go, the longer sets bands can have and the longer we can charge a cover and it’s more hours for bar staff, bar ,etc… so it benefits everyone.
  5. Sound guys – You will discuss show times, set times with the sound guy and he and staff will note the show start time.
  6. Headliners always go on last  

Most bands are doing 4 plus hours which is great… we just wanted the times and the minimum to be consistent across all shows!

  1. Downstairs Friday Shows


  1. Same Times – 8pm – 9pm – load In…… 9pm – 10pm – 15 minute – limited sound checking for Fridays downstairs Shows must start between 10pm – 11pm and must go until 2:30am.  Bands will not be paid if show ends before 2:30am.  As always – headliner must go on last.